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At the STATE FAIR, two girls pass Dana Andrews and Jeanne Crain, and one, played by Jo-Carroll Dennison, had recognized the handsome reporter, "How you doing, honey?" she says, and he, while eating a candy apple with Crain, replies, " Quiet , you."


The third and final Dana Andrews and director Jacques Tourneur collaboration, and for which this blog got its title, THE FEARMAKERS, a cold-war, desk-set noir thriller from 1958, is finally out on Blu Ray...


RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP didn't star Dana Andrews, but HOT RODS FROM HELL did, and in that movie his daughter, Laurie Mock , was the good teenage girl, while the bad girl was Mimsy Farmer with her bad guy friend Gene Kirkwood : All three changing places in RIOT as Mimsy plays the good girl daughter of another veteran actor, Aldo Ray, while this time it's Laurie Mock and again, Gene Kirkwood as the rebels. Not only that, but while HOT RODS featured Mickey Rooney Jr.'s band during the third act, the young cast of RIOT is rounded out with Mickey's other son, Tim Rooney.