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Dana Andrews dines with Donald Pleasence in the espionage action flick INNOCENT BYSTANDERS starring Stanley Baker, with Dana basically a Bond-villain type here.


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LAURA (1944)

Today is the same birthday for LAURA stars GENE TIERNEY and CLIFTON WEBB, the beauty and the brain that muscular (and smart) cop Dana Andrews fights in-between. "You seem to be completely disregarding something more important than your career: my lunch."  

LAURA (1944)

Today we open a bottle of Black Pony (with Dorothy Adams, not ashamed to be a domestic) for the birthday of Dana Andrews's most important collaborator/director, Otto Preminger: the classic Film Noir LAURA game-changed both their careers.


Charles Bickford to Dana Andrews, Fallen Angel: "You're an expert, Mr. Stanton... You know the exact value of a man's word against facts."