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Finally, Dana Andrews's greatest Western, CANYON PASSAGE, directed by his future CURSE OF THE DEMON and THE FEARMAKERS collaborator Jacques Tourneur, fresh from horror b-pictures for Val Lewton, is on Blu Ray... for a while only available on DVD with another Western, or a Spanish Blu Ray import that was good, but this will be better: although not the cover, which, as proven below, are always superior when foreign.


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Dana Andrews shakes hands with James Bond veteran villain Donald Pleasence in the Bond clone INNOCENT BYSTANDERS with once Bond contender Stanley Baker, who both the American and British corporate baddies (Andrews and Pleaseance respectively) manipulate from the sidelines.


At the STATE FAIR, two girls pass Dana Andrews and Jeanne Crain, and one, played by Jo-Carroll Dennison, had recognized the handsome reporter, "How you doing, honey?" she says, and he, while eating a candy apple with Crain, replies, " Quiet , you."


Dana Andrews with George Saunders in the Cold War Thriller ASSIGNMENT: PARIS where Dana plays a newspaper reporter like he'd done in BERLIN CORRESPONDENT and would in WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS.